Introduction to AI

Module 10: ethical and responsible AI


  • Topics: What can we do to ensure AI is ethical and responsibly developed and used in all applications?
  • Length: This module will take two weeks to complete
  • Assigned chapters: Chapter 27

Outline for OU Online

  • (Note this section will go away once the module is fully filled out)
  • 0 videos from me (lots of outside resources)
  • Reading assignments but mostly videos

AI and ethics

You enrolled in this class because you were interested in AI and, since starting class, you have probably seen lots of examples of how AI can be used in the news.  Many of these new stories focus on the negative, highlighting AI (or another automated system) where it made mistakes that affected someone or a group of people in a negative way. Unfortunately the news does not tend to show us any of the potential wins of using AI or automated technology!

For this final module of the AI class, we are going to learn about how we (as computer scientists and potentially AI researchers) can create and use AI in an ethical and responsible manner.  While many of the negative impacts of AI and automation are unintentional, that does not make them any better or more tolerable! While you read and listen to the videos, think about ways in which these negative impacts could have been avoided in the first place. Would hiring a more diverse team have been enough? While it may be a good start, I doubt it is the full solution. We really need to think about the potential uses of our technology as we develop it and ensure that it is used wisely.

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Assignments for Module 9

Topic 1: coded bias movie


  • Read Chapter 27



The movie that we watched, Coded Bias, was created by the founder of the Algorithmic Justice League. After watching the movie, please explore the following websites:

  • Coded Bias resources and discussions
    • There are two recordings of discussions with the key researcher in the film (they are long, up to you if you want to watch them or read transcripts or just explore around)
    • Read through the Activist Toolkit – this contains a lot of resources including the questions that we will use to start our discussion (though you are very welcome to add more!).  It includes two really interesting declarations as well.  We could use those as part of our project later.
  • Coded Bias movie take action part of their website 
  • The Algorithmic Justice League website.  Explore their research projects and other parts of the website.


This discussion will happen in the #coded-bias channel

We are going to have an active discussion on slack!  Make sure you follow all the classroom rules of conduct and always be respectful, even if you disagree.

If we were in a room together, the conversation would be free-flowing.  I want our conversation to be in that same spirit.  I have seeded the discussion with the questions from the activist toolkit above but I want you to add your own questions and thoughts to the discussion!  Remember to use threading to make it easier to keep track of what is happening in the discussion.

The following are the initial questions.  Please add more!

  • When was the last time you were aware of an interaction with an algorithm?
  • What does the AI you interact with nudge you to do?
  • What data did AI use to decide what you see?
  • What choices did the AI take away?
  • How can AI be used in an equal and ethical manner?
  • What are you willing to do to protect your privacy and autonomy?

Topic 2: bias in AI

Topic 3: AI & liability

Topic 4: AI & humanity

  • We are going to read something totally different today but it will really get you thinking about AI’s impact on humanity in a different way! 
  • (2 min) As a warm-up and very short video, I want you to watch the trailer for the movie AI
  • (60 min) Read Telling Stories on Culturally Responsive AI.  This is a really fun book full of short stories from a recent workshop held to discuss the impact of AI on humanity and our future.  They wanted to focus on culturally relevant stories and they are great!
  • Discussing/writing assignment

project for module 10


  • Finish Project 6

suggested schedule for module 10

week 1

  • Complete the chapter reading by Tuesday
  • Watch the coded bias movie by Wednesday (Topic 1)
  • Watch the two talks on bias in AI & technology by Friday
  • Complete Project 6 by Sunday

Week 2

  • Complete Topic 3 by Wednesday
  • Complete Topic 4 by Sunday