Introduction to AI

Project 7: AI & ethics writing project


This is a completely different project than all of your other projects this semester!  It is a writing project and relatively short.  Also, you are encouraged to share this project with your fellow students and not just with us! 


Project 7 writing task

Based on the readings and videos from the AI & Ethics module (but particularly focusing on topics 3 & 4 and the culturally responsive AI stories), I want you to write a short story (aim to be under 300 words, though I will not do a word count) about how you see the future of AI & humanity.  Draw inspiration from the short stories you read in topic 4 and also the ones the students in last year’s AI & ethics course wrote here.  Your stories can be about AI & culture (as the example stories from culturally responsive AI are) or about some other aspect of AI & ethics that appeals to you from the readings and videos.  

Because it is the final project and I realize that writing is not the top medium for everyone, I will also allow other forms of submission.  For example, you could make a video or a webpage of your own, etc.  Creativity encouraged in not just the story but the telling of it!

  • If you are willing, please share your story in #general with everyone.  I will collect all of the stories shared in #general and put them onto a webpage for the class.  If you do not want it to be shared on the web but do not mind sharing with the class, please note that in your post.
  • No matter if you share in #general or do not wish to share, you need to turn your short story in on canvas.

Rubric – Due Dec 10 11:59pm

  • 30 points for a well written thoughtful short story (can be told in words or video format) 300 words or less (I won’t count but don’t go too long!) that makes the reader really think about some aspect of AI & ethics
  • Points will be taken off for spelling errors so please spell check!