Introduction to AI

Module 9: reinforcement learning


  • Topics: Overview of neural networks and deep learning methods (note, there is a whole class on this topic at OU so this is a brief overview)
  • Length: This module will take one week to complete
  • Assigned chapters: Chapter 22
    • Optional reading: If you really like reinforcement learning, the full book on reinforcement learning is online for free here.  Highly recommended!
  • Project: Project 6 

Outline for OU Online

  • (Note this section will go away once the module is fully filled out)
  • 4-5 videos

Neural networks and deep learning

Summary of what we are doing in this chapter

deep learning graphic

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Assignments for Module 9

Topic 1: Reinforcement learning and TD learning

  • (30 min) Reading
    • Read Section 22.1-22.2 (Introduction through Passive RL)
  • (30 min) 
    • Learning from rewards
      • Video
      • Exercise
    • TD learning
      • Video
      • Exercise

Topic 2: Q-learning

  • (30 min) Reading
    • Read Section 22.3 (Active RL)
  • (30 min)
    • Q-learning
      • Video
      • Exercise(30 min)

Topic 3: Deep RL and games

  • AlphaZero and tying minimax together with RL

project for module 9


  • Project 6 assigned

suggested schedule for module 9

week 1

  • Complete Topic 1 by Tuesday
  • Complete Topic 2 by Thursday
  • Start Project 6 after finishing Topic 2
  • Complete Topic 3 by Sunday