Introduction to AI

In-The-News Module (Crosscutting)


  • This is a fun way to share happenings related to class

AI in the news

Have you seen examples of AI in the news or found other interesting links that we should be keeping track of throughout the semester? Your task throughout  the semester is to share these articles when you see them in the news.  Put them in the #in-the-news channel and discuss!  I will keep a running list of the articles on this page (I’ll try to update it weekly).


  • OU students: There is an open quiz called “In-the-news” due at the end of the semester.  Every time you submit a news article, go and add a number to your quiz where it says “How many news articles have I submitted?”.  I made it so you can do multiple attempts and I will not give it a “right answer” so that I have to manually give it points at the end of the semester.  

News and related links found Fall 2021